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Sandy Wedel is the owner of Trinity Photography. She loves the outdoors and photography, and is very pleased to have a way to use her photography skills to bring the Lord to others. She lives in Montana, where she has access to God's beautiful creation in mountains, rivers, abundant wildlife, etc. It's a photographer's paradise!

Sandy does some writing. She is working on a book of messages to inspire and support Catholic senior citizens, to be titled To the Church's VIP's. She has also produced a CD of the Prayers of St. Bridget.

The Roman Catholic Church has led Sandy to a personal relationship with the Lord. She has been active in the church through music ministry, teaching religious education to children and adults, serving as a parish sacristan and co-ordinating Eucharistic adoration. Now retired, Sandy worked in the past in the helping professions as a speech and language therapist and as a clinical social worker/psychotherapist.

Listen to the Spirit--He Will Lead You is co-produced by Dan Wedel, Sandy's brother. Dan is an international captain with American Airlines. He lives in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, where he is active in church life. Dan has found a deep faith in God in the Roman Catholic Church and wishes to help others come to know the personal love relationship Jesus Christ, our Savior, wishes to have with each one of us. He especially seeks to help young Catholics understand how the sacramental and prayer life of the Catholic Church bring Jesus to us in very personal ways.

Dan travels frequently as he pursues his favorite pastime—photographing nature. He believes the Holy Spirit is asking him to use his photography skills for this purpose. As a result, the inspirational day planner/diary/prayer journal, Listen to the Spirit--He Will Lead You, was born. He also pursues other photography interests, such as making posters from his photos or selling them as framed pieces of art, and making DVDs of high school sporting events. For more information, contact Dan directly.


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