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In 1993, a small, brother/sister run business was established and named Trinity Photography. Dan Wedel and Sandy Wedel, the brother and sister who are Trinity Photography, began this enterprise for some very specific reasons:

1) They wanted to spread the Good News of God's love and saving mercy, available to all people who wish to know, love and serve Him.

2) In becoming aware of a 20th Century Catholic/Christian woman named Catherine DeHueck Doherty, through reading her writings
and spending time at
Madonna House, the lay apostolic community


Dan makes a new friend on a shoot.

she founded in Combermere, Ontario, Canada, they wanted to spread awareness of her insights into the reality of God and of how to live the Gospel with our everyday lives.

3) They wished to provide a devotional tool that would affirm and support Christians in our world today, including tailoring it in specific ways to meet the needs of Catholic Christians.

4) Dan and Sandy, long-time camera buffs, were delighted to have a way to use their photographic skills to help proclaim the Word of the God!

The reflection book/journal, Listen to the Spirit--He Will Lead You, is the product that Dan and Sandy developed to fulfill the goals listed
above. Every fall, with Bible, photographs and books written by


Sandy waits for an elk to pose.

Catherine Doherty laid out before them, they pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance in helping them select words and images that will touch the hearts and teach the minds of those who will obtain a copy of the book. Listen to the Spirit... is currently printed in Korea.

Trinity Photography is a very small business. It currently publishes two items: Listen to the Spirit--He Will Lead You prayer journals (with a new edition every year) and the fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget on CD. Both of these products are in line with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Dan and Sandy remember their benefactors in their prayers, including all those who obtain copies of Listen to the Spirit--He Will Lead You and the Prayers of St. Bridget. They ask for your prayers in return.


Selecting photos and Catherine Doherty quotes.


We miss some shots.



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