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“Thank you for the blessing of your amazing calendar. It has been my prayer companion for quite a few years now. The photography and Catherine Doherty’s words give me opportunities to ponder and reflect.”

C.I. - Billings, Montana

"Thanks and God bless you in your work. I start the workday peacefully reading the scripture passage [in your journal] and I really think it helps me get through all the bad stuff that can happen when you work for the government!

J.S., Menominee, Michigan

"I received the journal as a gift last year and it really helped me to keep in touch with my spirituality."

J.C., Largo, Florida

"I have finally definitely decided that Listen to the Spirit is the most important daily help in my prayer life. The pictures are positively gorgeous and the Bible passages are always appropriate for my daily needs. I am so grateful for your work and dedication."

S.M., North Braddock, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for the prayer journal. It is well done -- too nice to write in! But it will be used and appreciated."

Sister C., Washington, DC

"You have no idea how happy I am with your journal [Listen to the Spirit...]. It is my daily companion and strength. The photos are so beautiful and the passages and quotes are consoling and enlightening. Thank you so much!"

S.M., Braddock, Pennsylvania

"I've been looking for something that would help me get into the Bible. I think this is just what I've been looking for. I've known for awhile that I need to get more serious about God. Maybe this will help me really do it!"

J.K., Chicago, Illinois

"What joy, peace and comfort your beautiful journal brings to my every day. Thank you!"

F.G., Davenport, Iowa

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I love the Listen to the Spirit [journal]. The photographs are wonderful and the quotes you selected often touched my heart. I am ordering one for myself and one for my sister as well."

D.O., Plymouth, Minnesota

"I love [this] product. The pictures are superb and the verses so inspiring. It was so nice to find a Catholic calendar that is so useful. Thank you again and God bless."

C.D., Trenton, New Jersey

"These are marvelous! The pictures are so lovely. Even though I am not Catholic, I like the scripture for each day."

D.C., Rockford, Illinois

"We have some exciting news to share with you. Recently, after a doctor's appointment, the Lab Technician, who is a friend, called us aside and told us some wonderful news! After being away from the Church for 30 years, he made his Confession and is at such deep peace and joy! He attributes much of it to your beautiful Listen to the Spirit that we presented to him..."

Sisters M. and H., Chicago, Illinois

"I love your journal. It keeps me in the Bible."

G.M., Butte, Montana

"Thank you for your product! I grow in the Spirit thanks to this journal!"

J.K., Montrose, Michigan

"This will be my third year using the journal---I love it! Thank you for creating this wonderful tool to 'curl up on the Father's lap'!"

K.P., Rancho Sante Fe, California

"Thank you for your beautiful work! I use my prayer journal every day. It is a great support and encouragement system! Don't know what I would do without it!"

J.F., St. Louis, Missouri

"The journal always delights my heart -- the photographs and words are such a gift."

J.L., Tucson, Arizona

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